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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Current Project!

So my next day in travel is really daunting ‘cause we took like 1000 pics (we did the Rome circuit at a run basically) so I keep putting it off. So much so, that I’m actually going to post progress pics of what I’m working on right now.

Whoooo current! So this project is pretty much a challenge to myself, on multiple levels. I wanted to use up fabric (so no buying anything fabric for this), I wanted to work more with creating my own textiles (inspired by the awesome art quilts I keep seeing), I wanted to create something out of my norm (organic and not about the clean lines), and I wanted to create a fairy that wasn’t a corset with stuff shoved under it.

Right now I’m succeeding with using up fabric, and not being clean about it (uh, it is, in fact, a mess). So just a heads up, a lot of these were taken at night so the lighting is just… weird. And I didn’t want to muck about with fixing it. I started with a pile of fabric:

And went from there!

The same pile, with flash:

 Okay actually I started with cutting a loose vest shape based on a diagram in The Cut of Men’s Clothes, a 1770s-ish one if I remember right.

And a roll of stabilizer. I intentionally cut it big, for shrinkage, but actually I ended up cutting a LOT off later (which I should have taken a pic of, but didn’t). Anyway, then I just kept cutting strips in the various fabrics and semi places them.

And stitched the strips on!


 I had a full size pic of it more complete, but it was super blurry. Here’s the back:

Oh here is a cellphone pic:

Anyway, so then I thought this needs pockets.


For the back of the waistcoat I was going to put lace ups… here is a really not great pic to show how I failed at grommeting.
So I did button holes instead, but I don’t seem to have taken a pic of that. And then on to work on the jacket!

I cut leaves while watching Batman: Under the Red Hood (again) and crying on the inside.

This was not enough leaves, and I still have more to go, but it was a start!
This was again loosely cut out after looking at the diagrams in my book, and modifying the pattern I made for my 1850s coat for Dickens last year.

Basically I just used the back from my old pattern and eyeballed the front…

And now cell phone pics!


Alright! I’m further along, but I guess I haven’t been taking as many pics as I thought. We’ll just… see where this goes….

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