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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hat post!

Figures, when I actually feel motivated to blog again, I haven’t been doing that much.

I’ve been doing loads of putzy things, trying to tidy, get rid of things, etc.

Anyway, good thing I still have a small backlog of things.

I had two hattings since I last posted about one! For those that don't know, I organize these hatting parties about every three months and we just make as many caps as possible to donate to the chemo ward.

One in January, and one in March. For the one in January, I didn’t realize my camera was out of batteries… or I forgot it, or something like that.

 So I have the one photo my friend took of the pile.

 But I took pics of the hats later!
 Just fair warning though, these pics are a bit blurry looking, ‘cause I dumped them in photobucket and didn’t resize them etc myself.

I did take pics at the March hatting though!


I have looooads of fleece for these, and so I’ve not been buying more until we use up more of what I have. As such we didn’t do many particularly geeky hats.


 As such, there were LOADS of kitty hats!

This is those of us left at the end, in our favourite hats we made!
I actually didn’t sew ANY hats this go around, I cut the entire 5 hours, and actually ended up with a blister from the scissors!

Anyway, here’s some of my favourite hats from the two parties.

This is the sort of thing we come up with when trying to just use up fabric, but still make it fun!

CATS. There were several of the same, we just mass produced them.
My fave is the camo kitty though 8D


We also did a variety of bunnies this time.

A few more dino like hats…

Little Heather made a squid

And Big Heather made a turtle 8D

WL made this awesome Totoro hat :D


And had a lot of generically fun and cute hats!

 Between the two hattings, I think we did around 55 hats :D

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