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Monday, July 6, 2015

Sweater Weather (not really)

Oh whoops, didn't realize how long it'd been since I posted!

So there was a bit of a heat wave here in CA last week. It was super warm, as in even I was warm and that hardly ever happens. It was over 100 F but I can't remember by how much.
I decided that it was a great time to make a sweater!

A few weeks ago my sister and I went a liiiiittle crazy with the redtag table at Joann, getting loads of lovely stripey knits to create more Korean menswear inspired shirts.
I also picked up a really light weight loose weave black and white striped knit, just a little over a yard left on the bolt.

I've wanted a black and white stripey loose weave sweater since I saw it on Toshiya when this picture came out:

I don't even remember when that was now... I'm thinking 2004-2005. I can't even remember what this pic is promoing, I haven't followed dir en grey in years :/
(Side note, I'm also quite fond of Kyo's outfit, the one front & center)

I decided to do a cardigan instead of a sweater, 'cause I wanted something easier to put on and take off, since this is such a light fabric I was thinking it'd be used mostly for summer days. Plus I think the last time I had a cardigan I was 13, so it'd be a nice something to add to my wardrobe.

I took a loosely knit sweater I had (bought for a River Tam costume that I never actually wore now that I think about it, but I wear the sweater quite a lot) that I like the general shape of and sort of traced it with pins onto the fabric 'cause I had no idea how to mark this.

Turned out to be good anyway, because this fabric was super shifty.
I made slight adjustments on the pins and cut!
Also this way I was able to make sure the front and back stripes would match up.
It was mostly a quick serge job, though I put stay tape in the shoulder seams and the back neck line. I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to knits, but it just seemed like a good idea!

It is actually even, I kept thinking whoa why does it look like that, but I didn't realize until I turned it around for the back shot that the fabric was clinging to the form and there was a large wrinkle across the back.
Fixed for the pic 8D
I love how it looks on the form, it's almost exactly what I wanted (I wanted the sashing a bit wider, but ran out of fabric, partially due to cutting it longer then changing my mind). A slouchy stripey casual cardigan. Love.
On meeeeee it doesn't look nearly so nice!
It looks like ... I don't know, slobby instead of slouchy.

My mum suggested taking the shoulders in, we'll see. For now I'm calling it done. But I may see if my local Joann has the fabric and try again and give this one to my wider shouldered sister.
It was just nice to make something and have it done!

Sewing aside, here are more garden things!
My lemon cucumbers are super happy, so I did a quick pickle with some of them. SO GOOD.
Seriously every time I chop up some of my beets I run and get my camera, they are just so lovely.
Lastly, my pole beans are looking pretty happy! I'm not actually sure how to cook/eat pole beans, I just thought they'd look so pretty going up my fence. Guess I should look into it!

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