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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Summer Victorian Shoot

Alright, catching up on posts so: Summer Victorian!

So back in July, or maybe August, the GBACG was doing a Tissot themed picnic, which I planned to go to and then decided with Comic Con just a few weeks prior, this just wasn’t going to happen in time. Then my other lovely ladies also decided to bail on the picnic proper, and we arranged a photoshoot with Jeffrey Kuo instead.

I’m just posting the same pictures my other ladies posted 8D Because I figured if I sifted through myself, it would take even longer, and not get posted. But I may post again later 8D I have a few in mind, I just have to find them….

Summer Victorians!

So lemme point out here, Judy on the far right? Made her dress in three days. She’s crazy talented.

(And augh, I tried to be mindful of my posture, but obviously I wasn’t :/)

How great is this location? It’s Stanford campus!

Bunny, 2nd to the left, and I are sporting earlier Victorians than the rest of the ladies. We decided it’s because we’re poor country relations.

Doris and Wei Ling here actually used the exact same pattern, but Doris pleated and WL ruffled. Isn’t it neat how different they look?

Their trimmings here made me want to go back and put ruffles ALL OVER my dress 8D

When we did solo shots I went last so I could watch what everyone else was doing, because even after all this time I don’t know how to pose. Actually, I’ve been watching modeling shows recently to try and pick up tips 8D;;;

Here you can really see how my dress and Bunny’s dress differ in shape from the others’.
You can also see on the dress 2nd to the left how not having a bustle effects the shape (that's my dress from before, but we didn't have an extra bustle for her).

And here are some pics Doris took on her cell phone:

I look so intent because I’m studying what the other ladies are doing for their poses!


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