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Monday, March 16, 2015

Sewalong Challenge #3 Inspiration - Something Vintage Inspired

Vintage inspiration!
So we plotted this challenge to span two months, March and April, thinking that we would probably be making 50s dresses for the 40-50s picnic GBACG is having May 3rd.

Also for me, almost two years ago I saw this dress:

I love stripes, but I love chevrons.
Then pretty shortly after Joann was having one of those 50% off redtag sales and I saw a bolt of stripey baby pink and brown fabric and a bolt of baby blue and brown. The blue though... wasn't redtagged. But the exact same fabric. So I brought them both to the cutting counter hoping the blue would also be on sale. Sadly, it wasn't.
But, I'd JUST seen this dress and really liked it, so I bought the pink anyway, and a yard or so of the blue to potentially use as an accent. I already had this Vogue pattern, so excited I began to cut it out.
I totally didn't notice the fabric I got is variegated stripes, and done in such a way it can't be mirrored. Frustrated I bundled up the fabric and haven't touched it since.

But now...
I've always been fond of this look but the more I researched and watched period things, the more I really really want to do a trouser set instead. Think Katharine Hepburn. This blog has a very good article on vintage trousers.

Also I'm in love with Bomb Girls' Bettie McRae:

It's on Netflix if you haven't seen it, I really liked it.

Anyway, basically I'm finding I pin lots of fluffy dresses (especially if they have stripes), and I do want to make pretty dresses, but I want to wear the trouser sets.

All that said aaaand, I actually think I'm going to skip this challenge!
First, I'm pretty sure I don't have any appropriate fabric for a trousers set right now and I just don't feel like making a dress at the moment.
Second and more important, making D's wedding dress for May is a waaaaay higher priority, and I need to just focus on that.
I haven't decided yet if I'll post about that as I do it or wait until it's all done.

But I will probably revisit that pink fabric and actually do a 50s dress sometime, 'cause I have it and I need to use up fabric 8D;;

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