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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Random Mobile Photos - March

More mobile and tablet photos!

In date order, here is the beginning of me starting some seedlings. I did this March 11th.

Awww, all lined up they're so cute 8D

For Pi day of course!
A no-fail recipe my mum picked up somewhere, turned out nicely! If I find it I'll link it.

More adventures in cooking!
D sent me this recipe by The Pioneer Woman to try with the black beans I'd picked up. I did an overnight soak instead of the quick soak she mentions, and I put my crockpot on low all day while I was at work. Also I put carrots in instead of bellpeppers. Turned out delicious!

Came home after a weekend with my grandparents and... sprouts! I'm so excited!

Roses from my garden :D
These roses were already there, and I'm nooooot totally sure how I feel about the purple one. I always feel like purple roses are fake. Also it blows out pretty quickly. So we'll see if that one stays. I don't really have time to replace it anytime soon anyway though 8D

This came in just yesterday!
I'm going to stitch it to a towel and use it as a bath mat.

Mmm what else...
I've had the worst hankering to rewatch Life on Mars lately, but one I seem to have loaned out my season one set and don't know to whom, and two even if I had it it's region two and I don't have a region free dvd player anymore. Oh and three, even if it were region one, I don't even have a laptop at the moment so yeah.

Wishful thinking led me to browse Netflix, alas.
Saddened, I decided to just look up John Simm. I watched the mini series "Exile," it was a wonderfully directed and beautifully acted melodrama. Also it felt weirdly like a prequel to "State of Play," in that basically he's the same character.
So theeeen I looked up Philip Glentister and burned through "Island at War."
Plus it fit perfectly into the 1940s kick I've been on! (but didn't quite fill the hole "Bomb Girls" left behind ;_;)
Makes me want to research All The Things.
Now my sewing/homework viewing is back to "Foyle's War."

... but I still want to watch Life on Mars.

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