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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wedding Dress Progress

Okay! So I checked the fit on D, and confirmed yes, I had added 5/8" twice. Better than not adding at all right?
Then we had to refit some things! Minor, 1/8" here and there. But whyyyy.
We did three mockups. Three. I don't understand.
But after being confused, you just have to roll with it!

I trimmed up all the little pieces, and onward!

The adjustments I made to the pattern are in pink, except that cross at the bottom of the middle piece, I did it backwards at first >.>
And then I went back to finishing the bodice.

Prepping my rigilene!

After I ironed it I dumped a heavy book on it to flatten it out.
I got my rigilene from Zipperstop on etsy, I've never actually used rigilene before but it was used on the original dress so I did some research and determined it was just as good as poly boning and possibly better, so I wouldn't be out anything by trying it.
I loooooove it!
It's tiny rods of plastic woven together, so it will lay more flat than poly boning and will move with you. It also curves better and is sewable!

I sewed it to the seam allowances for the shell.

Shell all done!
I ironed more and trimmed after that.

The other thing we did while I had her was pinned a bunch of muslin on her while she was wearing the bodice, to create the illusion neckline.

It's a little hard to see here, but I traced off each side of the pattern and then split the difference with the pink line.
Then I added seam allowance, I added an inch so we'd have wiggle room for the next fitting!

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