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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

D's Wedding Dress Progress 4

Plugging away on the dress! I'm at a stage where there's a lot of hand work so it the progress looks very slow and hasn't been worth posting about. I'm in a (hopefully) final push right now, I'm trying to finish by this weekend so D has time to get it to the dry cleaners and I have time to catch up on my Arabic homework before my class is over (I keep telling myself it's just for fun and the grade doesn't matter but... yeah no).

Anyway, I realized I actually hadn't posted as much as I thought, so I *do* have something to post about 8D

I want to post more garden/produce pics though, 'cause it makes me feel Hobbity, so, later.

Right so, wedding dress.

After that stage I had D come over and we pinned lace on all over.

Looks nice right?

Actually it turned out really different.
'Cause after that we turned towards the back.

And in the back we wanted a much more symmetrical look.
Then we decided that due to that we needed a more symmetrical look in the front.

So some things stayed, and some things ended up changing.

I had to take each piece of lace of bit by bit and take photos as I did so I'd remember what bit went where, that part of slow going.

LOTS of pics like this.

Then we had to do quick skirt fitting, since it'd be easier to do that without all the lace bits.

The skirt is just basted on here.

After marking height and such I took that baby right off 'cause man is it unwieldy.

And then the slow slow process of hand tacking bits of lace all about.

This is from way earlier this month, I'm almost completely done w/ the lace now, but I still need to tack the lining to the zip, put hook and eyes in the appropriate places, add the buttons, attach the skirt lining and all those myriad finicky finishing things.

I probably won't properly post about it again until it's done, so close!

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