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Monday, April 6, 2015

Wedding Dress Progress 3

Okay so, where did I leave off....
I think at the lining!

So after making all the adjustments on the shell, I turned towards the lining.
I took another look at the original bodice and noticed they even flatlined the lining, I'm not sure whyyyyy, I've never heard of that, but if it's good enough for Disney, it's good enough for D!

So last minute flatlined all the lining with a light weight cotton (which, ugh, means I've cut this bodice pattern out 5 times not including muslins), while I don't really get why they did that I don't mind because I like having a fabric you can trust! Instead of the flimsy slippy stuff this whole thing is made out of.
Beautiful dissimilar curves ;_; Probably the best princess seams I've EVER done, and of course it's the lining.

Then I was debating putting a waist stay in, wondering if I really neeeeeded it, but I fell back on "Do it like Disney" and stole the original waist stay to put in.

Feeling pretty productive!

Check out these ADORABLE scissors my gramma got me!
They look right at home with the lace :D

Lining aaaalmost done, time for mass amounts of clipping and adding the boning.

Inside, boning added, clipping done, pressing in progress.

Outside (well, I guess technically this is the inside, since it's the lining...), same stage.

Pressed all that, sandwiched the netting top in, and another fitting!
Fitting went really well!

So understitched the lining.

Then popped by AJ's to give it a proper pressing with a proper ironing board 8D;;

Stuck it on her dress form to get some pics before the next stage! It looks a little lumpy in places here, but it fits D great so I'm sure that's just the different form.

More to come!

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