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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Back to sewing later. For now, a garden update!

I can't seem to find a pic of it totally before I started working, but here's the section of my yard I'm focusing on gardening right now.

I was scraping weeds before putting a planter box down. D gave me several of these planter boxes! This was taken in January I think.

You can see just beyond the box there that there's a strip of dirt, in there already my mum and I had planted some peas, beets, and raspberries.

I was positive I'd taken pics in the interim, but I can't find any... kind of a bummer 'cause I remember taking a pic of the cute stick teepees I made... anyway, flash forward to April!

I finally get around to putting dirt in that box! And I started laying down landscaping fabric and putting bark over it.
You can see my peas are coming up nicely!

This is more how it looks now, I still haven't put anything in the bin closest here, 'cause I need to go get more dirt.

Produce though!
This was the 3rd.

 I  ended up sauteing them with some of the beets I thinned out and some bok choy.

Super excited.

And on my strawberries! But I don't expect much from them this year.

Tied some sticks together from a fig tree that was in my sideyard but was randomly cut down right before I took possession.
Planted my cucumber seedlings!

Still lots of work to be done!

 On the 8th I picked a bunch of peas!

I'm pretty sure I sauteed these also.


On the 12th I saw I had even more!

I munched away on these while working on some other stuff. Yum!

So not a LOT in the scheme of things, but it was exciting to me 8D

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