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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Current Project!

So my next day in travel is really daunting ‘cause we took like 1000 pics (we did the Rome circuit at a run basically) so I keep putting it off. So much so, that I’m actually going to post progress pics of what I’m working on right now.

Whoooo current! So this project is pretty much a challenge to myself, on multiple levels. I wanted to use up fabric (so no buying anything fabric for this), I wanted to work more with creating my own textiles (inspired by the awesome art quilts I keep seeing), I wanted to create something out of my norm (organic and not about the clean lines), and I wanted to create a fairy that wasn’t a corset with stuff shoved under it.

Right now I’m succeeding with using up fabric, and not being clean about it (uh, it is, in fact, a mess). So just a heads up, a lot of these were taken at night so the lighting is just… weird. And I didn’t want to muck about with fixing it. I started with a pile of fabric:

And went from there!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Update of bags!

As always, so behind on things. I keep posting things long past. Which I will continue to do, until I'm caught up, but still. I thought something a bit more recent would be nice :D

Anyway, I made this last month.

I really needed a camera case! And I'd been meaning to make once since the protector sticker thing I had on the screen randomly SLID OFF in my bag one day in Japan and the screen got scratched. That was well over two years ago. So yeah, long over due.

Progress & detail pics to follow!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

SDCC 2013

I’m so behind on posting, again, so! COMIC CON! (and after this, Costume College, then I can finally move onto new stuff!)

I flew into San Diego on Thursday morning, I’d flown into San Diego once before but couldn’t remember how I got to the convention! Usually I fly into LA or thereabouts and drive down with friends. So I just spotted some Comic Con likelies and asked how they were getting there, and ended up cab sharing with a guy who was very interesting and it turned out was working the Lucasfilm booth so he got the cab as he’d be reimbursed. I did look for him a few times at the booth, but never saw him again, and now I don’t remember his name anyway.

The rest of my room came in around the same time, it was great timing! We checked in, and went and badge got, and then zoomed and got pretty much all the exclusives I had wanted.

Anyway, we changed into our first costumes of the con in the afternoon!

Summary of the con w/ photos after the break~!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

State of Mi

I did seriously mean to keep up with this journal, but San Diego Comic Con madness hit me hard. No sleep so certainly no time for blogging. Also not a lot of progress pics >.< It really was that down to the wire where I would think about taking a pic and then go "No! There's no time!"

Really the culprit was the summer class I decided to take after work, which was great and I really enjoyed it and had very much wanted to take it, but I hadn't thought how it would impact sewing and other life things. So basically it left me with very little time.

Costume College in less than two weeks!

I had some grand ambitions.
I am doing none of them.

I plan on rewearing my Spring Regency at the gala, and my 1850s Victorian Gent or my 1912 dress for the ice cream social.

The only thing I *need* to sew is a Regency chemise for Sunday Undies, but.... since I had nothing planned with my evenings now that my class is over... I may have started cutting out a 50s dress I just happen to have a pattern and fabric for.

We'll see!

Friday, June 14, 2013

May 18th!

May 18th!

Maker Faire day :D And Ball day!

All Ball photos from Doris~
She took many lovely photos, and if you click them it'll take you to her album which you should check out!

Had a great time at Maker Faire then zoomed home, where both D & twjudy were early D:

So I zoomed mah girly makeup & changed my underclothes to the right shoes, socks, & leggings. Then AJ showed up and TO THE BALL~!


Spring Regency Progress

Edited more pics last night!
And I'm still more ahead than this, but yay.

Read more for pics, notes, and a facepalm realization 8D

Spring Regency, the begninning!

Little bit of post-crossposting to kick off my blog, so things that are future tense actually already happened!

May 18th there's a Regency Ball celebrating the 200th anniversary of Pride & Prejudice to which I'm going. Nervous about the dancing bit, but lots of lovely ladies in Regency wear?


Naturally I wanted to make something new, so I bought this saree but when it came it was quite a bit lighter and also the stripes weren't variegated. I had planned on pairing it with a blue, maybe like a dark royal blue or something a bit peacocky. Anyway, with the colour it actually was I couldn't think of a good blue to pair with it. I thought a pale yellow or a pale pink would do well with it, but since I really don't care for yellow, pink it was.

So at my local Super Joann there's this muslin that's suuper fine and see through and floaty and makes me think of Regency right away.


I didn't go to the Super Joann. I went to another because it was on my way somewhere on a Friday night and I really wanted to get started that weekend. I bought the finest muslin I could find, thinking I had misremembered the fabric, and some light pink RIT dye. Several weeks later while at my Super Joann I found that I hadn't misremembered, the other Joann just didn't have it and boo I was already way too far along to start over. Boo impatience.

Anyway, I wanted a suuuuper pale pink, so I did like... 1/8th of the recommended amount of dye. It turned out pretty bright 8D I don't even know.

Right so! My inspiration dress:

Here on pinterest (Augh since the update I can't get the embed link to work

Take a good look.

Now forget all the details.

'Cause that's what I did pretty much.


In 2012 I went to my first Costume College, it was fantastic!

After I was browsing about at peoples' blogs and generally being inspired when I thought, I should do a sewing blog!
Not so much because I have so much insight, I don't, but I believe it might motivate me.

So, I already have a livejournal, here, which is a catch all. If you're also interested in random fandom thoughts and travel musings you can see it all there. For just sewing, I'll be cross posting here :D



I generally go by Mi, and I've been sewing since 2001. I started with anime cosplay, and have gradually taught myself pretty much everything I know. I have a huge sci-fi partiality (hence my blog name!), so most of what I sew has a bit of a geek bent. I still costume loads, but make random sewy crafts as well. In 2001 I broke into historical costuming, and here I am!