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Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 Roundup

I kept putting this off in December hoping I could finish some things, but that didn't happen. Then I was kind of bummed because 2015 wasn't very productive in terms of measurable things. I did do a lot and kept very busy, but not in the way of  "I made xxx amount of things awesome!"

And the things I did make were different from my usual fare (such as branching out into gardening [very time consuming], canning [ditto], baking [yup, same], and home improvement [ooooh yes]), and I spent a lot more time reading last year and attempting to work out (uuuugh, why doesn't sewing burn more calories?).

But! I feel like 2015 laid the groundwork for loads of productivity in 2016! Especially in the sewing department, as I got close to finishing a lot of WIPs so those should be wrapping up in 2016.

So, here are some highlights of 2015!

Messenger Bag for my brother

Okay I've made a lot of bags now, but I really loved how clean this one looked. And I liked putting piping in 8D

D's Wedding dress!
I just realized I never blogged about the complete thing, so maybe I should do that. But it was a really fun challenge. Also very time consuming now that I'm thinking about it, so that's another place my time went XD

Pencil case for my sister!

A simple thing, but I love all the fun fabrics.

Reusable Cotton "rounds!"

Also super simple but man do I use these all the time. And do my sisters, so that was a success!

Jasper shirt!
Actually I'm wearing this shirt right now. I only made two items of clothing for myself in 2015, so it wasn't exactly stiff competition, but this was my favourite 8D

"My Favourite Little Bag"

This was a fun bag to put together, and I've been using it as my purse. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to stop doing that 'cause I've just been carrying too much stuff with me 'cause with this larger purse I forget to clean it out more :/ But! It's still a nice bag.

Non sewing things!

Basically, my beets were gorgeous, and I enjoyed making loads and loads of pickles (boo, couldn't find the picture of my loads of cucumbers and jars).

For 2016 I really plan on more of the same! More using up stash, more gardening, more blogging (it may not seem like it, but I was waaaay better about it in 2015 than 2014), more commenting on other peoples' blogs (ugh, delurking is hard), more baking. Really looking forward to finishing WIPs, that's for sure.
And in the way of using up fabric that I have, I think a few Regency dresses and at least one Victorian are in order. I want to do more periods (though, who am I kidding, Regency for life!) but they tend to require large amounts of just one fabric whereas I have mostly bits and pieces. Possibly these smaller cuts can be used to create proper underthings, so when I feel like my stash is small enough to buy more fabric I already have those done, but we'll see!