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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

D's Wedding Dress Progress 4

Plugging away on the dress! I'm at a stage where there's a lot of hand work so it the progress looks very slow and hasn't been worth posting about. I'm in a (hopefully) final push right now, I'm trying to finish by this weekend so D has time to get it to the dry cleaners and I have time to catch up on my Arabic homework before my class is over (I keep telling myself it's just for fun and the grade doesn't matter but... yeah no).

Anyway, I realized I actually hadn't posted as much as I thought, so I *do* have something to post about 8D

I want to post more garden/produce pics though, 'cause it makes me feel Hobbity, so, later.

Right so, wedding dress.

After that stage I had D come over and we pinned lace on all over.

Looks nice right?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Back to sewing later. For now, a garden update!

I can't seem to find a pic of it totally before I started working, but here's the section of my yard I'm focusing on gardening right now.

I was scraping weeds before putting a planter box down. D gave me several of these planter boxes! This was taken in January I think.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I was going through some of my phone photos, trying make sure I sent everything to myself when I noticed a lot of hair photos and thought it might be fun to see them all in a row.
Plus it will help me figure out what colour next!
The first one is my natural hair!
The more I look at it the more I think I even took that pic 'cause it's dyed slightly darker and has lowlights that my gramma's hairdresser put in for me.

Pics after the break!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Wedding Dress Progress 3

Okay so, where did I leave off....
I think at the lining!

So after making all the adjustments on the shell, I turned towards the lining.
I took another look at the original bodice and noticed they even flatlined the lining, I'm not sure whyyyyy, I've never heard of that, but if it's good enough for Disney, it's good enough for D!

So last minute flatlined all the lining with a light weight cotton (which, ugh, means I've cut this bodice pattern out 5 times not including muslins), while I don't really get why they did that I don't mind because I like having a fabric you can trust! Instead of the flimsy slippy stuff this whole thing is made out of.
Beautiful dissimilar curves ;_; Probably the best princess seams I've EVER done, and of course it's the lining.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wedding Dress Progress

Okay! So I checked the fit on D, and confirmed yes, I had added 5/8" twice. Better than not adding at all right?
Then we had to refit some things! Minor, 1/8" here and there. But whyyyy.
We did three mockups. Three. I don't understand.
But after being confused, you just have to roll with it!

I trimmed up all the little pieces, and onward!