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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gallifrey - Jo Grant Shoot

Last Gallifrey post!

The shoot Oscar did with me for Jo :D I looooove Jo, even though I don’t think I’m that suited for her, I always love being her.


The rest of the pics after the break!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gallifrey - Shalka Doctor Shoot

Wonder Con was last weekend, so gotta finish up these last few Gally posts! Shalka Doctor! Oscar took fabulous photos :D

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gallifrey - Part Three


Last day!

I’ll post the shoots Oscar did for me next though.

This was panel day!
I pretty much sat in the main programming room all day.

I thiiiiink I got into costume straight off, but honestly I don’t remember, I may have changed during a brief break. Anyway, first thing was the Billie Piper interview at 10:00! So with her and Arthur Darvill, since they were the big ticket guests, they did two interviews, one on Sat and one on Sun, and encourage you to go to one or the other but NOT both, which works out pretty well! I went with the Young Justice panel on Sat, which was the same time as the Piper and Darvill interviews on that day.

Anyway, Piper’s was really informative. I didn’t know anything about her really, other than she was a pop star prior to her Rose role, and there was a lot of “Why are you casting a pop star!” negativity when she got the role. So I had no idea she was one of those young manufactured pop stars, who are chosen for their looks and then trained to sing. Sounds like she had a really busy life, and that maybe she’s not too happy about spending her childhood like that, but has come out of it really level headed and a gracious human being. The thing I remember the most about her Who related things was how crazy Smith and Tennant were together, nothing specific, just that the two of them got on like a house on fire, and acted like it. Also she had some very nice things to say about Eccleston, which made me happy since where Who is related I feel like I only hear negative things.

Then Darvill’s interview! Which… he was very zoned out, tired, and possibly hung over during. He said he was out with his LA friends very late the previous night. So basically he just rambled, and it was sort of fun, but made me wish I’d gone to his Saturday panel. Also in the Q&A someone called him Rory and he was just like “Arthur. MY name is Arthur.” Not rude, but very deadpan and firm, like… he was tired of being called Rory and of all this convention malarkey.

Then there was a music demo, and I know I skipped out on this so I either went to go eat or I got into costume here (see, this is exactly why I’m trying to be better about the whole con-report-in-a-timely-manner thing).

I got back about… halfway through Annette Badland’s interview, which I’d wanted to see so boo. I LOVED her in Boomtown. She seems really nice, and seemed very genuine when saying she really enjoyed her time on Doctor Who, and also seemed quite disappointed when answering a question about coming back, about how she was really just a skin suit so she couldn’t come back ;_;

Then there was a classic companion panel with Katy Manning, Nicola Bryant, and then surprise participant Daphne Ashbrook. Honestly they just all talked like old friends, and are all crazy and said random things and made probably everyone in the audience want to be their friends :D

Then was “The Two Doctors,” in which basically Paul McGann and Colin Baker shot the breeze.


How does he sit like that?

More pics and the rest of the day~

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gallifrey - Part Two

Part two! Aka, Saturday! I got semi into costume in the morning then went down to walk around before the Paul McGann interview.


THIS KID. So perfect, and then the head tilt. Parents, you’re doing a good job. Adorable, while freaky.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Gallifrey - Part One

No actual sewing in this post, but part one to my Gallifrey report! Better late than never! ;_; I think I say that every year.

Anyway, I came in on Thursday morning, around 10-10:30 and my room was already ready, which was SO nice. I thought I’d chill in the room and read and just relax like a proper vacation, but ended up only doing that for about 20 minutes or so before Molly texted she was off work. We went and had lunch and then chilled in the room watching Witchblade 8D
And then I went and picked up my badge and we went to dinner~ And trolled the mall and omg when she dropped me back at the hotel the lobby was CRAZY. So crazy I called an immediate retreat and read in my room for about 5 minutes before thinking if I wanted to see anyone I should do it before I was too tired, so I texted some people and went back out. It was SO LOUD we were having to shout in each other’s ears to be heard so I stuck it out about 30 minutes and then seriously, I almost lost my voice (then it was all hoarse on Friday :/).

Anyway! Friday!

I wandered the halls a bit in the morning, determined to actually take pictures this time!
And lo, a Romana!


Then Aimee pinged me when she came in so I went down to help her set up her artiness, which actually was take the Misses R & J on a walkabout.

More pics from the rest of the day~