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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Convolution - Forest Fae

Still playing catch up, but hopefully some new projects will make their way in sometime soon. So I posted
this pic in my year cos review, but didn’t really talk about it:

(Photo by Chris Erickson) I talked about progress on the jacket and waistcoat here, and basically did more of the same until it was in a wearable state.

But I never posted about the horns and mask, so I’ll do that! And a few more pics from the event.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Summer Victorian - Write up

I thought before I posted the pictures from the shoot I would do a making of post. So I sifted through my camera pics and found… one in progress shot. I’m 80% sure I took more but I can’t find them :/

Anyway, I started writing this up and it was taking so long, I got impatient and posted the pics 8D

But I figured I’d still do a write up, and supplement with other pictures! So again, the original inspiration for this shoot was a Tissot themed picnic.

Source: via Mi on Pinterest

After looking at loads of his paintings I picked some stylings I liked and started looking at extant dresses.

Making of!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Summer Victorian Shoot

Alright, catching up on posts so: Summer Victorian!

So back in July, or maybe August, the GBACG was doing a Tissot themed picnic, which I planned to go to and then decided with Comic Con just a few weeks prior, this just wasn’t going to happen in time. Then my other lovely ladies also decided to bail on the picnic proper, and we arranged a photoshoot with Jeffrey Kuo instead.

I’m just posting the same pictures my other ladies posted 8D Because I figured if I sifted through myself, it would take even longer, and not get posted. But I may post again later 8D I have a few in mind, I just have to find them….

Summer Victorians!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Regency wearing in Bath

End of the day! So after I dropped my gramma off back at the hotel, she was done walking for the day, I changed into my Regency!
I rushed into putting it on, because back at the Assembly Rooms, the ticket was good for one admission, but I talked to the front desk and explained I’d brought this dress could I pleeeease come back? And she said okay. And they close at 5, and it was nearing 4.

WELL. Actually the last admission is at 4, and they’d closed and locked the doors, from the outside, already!
So I wasn’t able to get any pics in the actual assembly room. Which was disappointing, but then I also realized I had no one to take the picture anyway.

So then my sister and I met at our prearranged meeting spot at 5 and headed to the Royal Crescent for pictures!


I thought this dress would cover my shoes, whoops!

More pics!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bath Museum of Costume - Part Two

Still at the Museum of Costume, in Bath~



I really like the sleeve and bodice detailing on this!

Even More Dress Pics (not just Regency though)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bath Museum of Costume - Part One

In Bath, I went to The Museum of Costume, which is also the Assembly Rooms.

I took quite a few pictures, though not as many as I thought I did. The lighting indoors was very dim, to preserve the fabrics I’m sure. That, combined with the glass of the display cases and my none-too-steady hands, resulted in some shoddy pictures, alas. I still uploaded most of them to my flickr, but I’ll just post my favourites here.


This is the oldest dress in their collection, from around 1660. It’s silk woven with silver threads. The picture by no means does it justice, it’s quite striking!

Historical dress, hurrah!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Victoria & Albert Museum

More posts from earlier travels~

My friend who I was staying with had exciting per-existing Gilbert and Sullivan plans, so we bussed in to the area and I went to the V&A yaaay.

I think I took this on the way there. Because it screams Why yes, I am in England.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Fashion & Costume posts

So as I've been updating my other blog, it suddenly occurred to me that I might cross-post some of the fashion and costume posts here.

And in related news, I've been catching up on my travel posts, and am aaaaalmost done, so then I'll have more sewing posts to catch up on :D

When I was in England my friends Katy & X took me to the Fashion and Textile Museum, which had (and maybe still has) a Pop design exhibit.

Absolutely loving this sleeve design, and completely intend on ganking it into something soon.