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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 Sewalong Challenge #4 Inspiration - Something For The Home

So the last Sewalong Challenge was for two months, March and April, to allow time to make a full vintage outfit. I skipped that one to make the wedding dress (which, btw, finished! Only 2 days later than my hoped for finishing date), but back to it now!

This month the challenge is "Something For The Home." I have some ideas that are way outside my time frame, and I have some ideas that require me to have actual furniture first (that's the plan for the summer! ... Hopefully), but realistically I'm going to have to stick to small things!

First up for me is resuable makeup pads!

Hopefully super fast and easy, I can use scraps, and will be perfect for the post-facewash toner. I've been using witch hazel because I read to, but I can't tell if it's made any difference because I never really looked at my face before using it to know XD Whoops.

More ideas under the cut!