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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015 Sewalong update

Since I've been spectacularly lax about this (okay I have been really busy, but I feel like these things are simple enough I should have been able to get them done), I thought I'd do a quick catch all update with the things I should have made haha.

Reminder that we put two months for the something vintage challenge (which I skipped), so the numbers don't align w/ the months anymore.

#5 - June : Something for your Sewing Table

This one is particularly sad that I didn't do anything for, 'cause a pincushion can be really simple. And also because these are the two things I had wanted to do (which I'd still like to do before the year is out):

From the I Can Find the Time blog.
Think it's sad I didn't... find the time to do that?
Here's the other thing:

I have a kit to make that, minimal effort! It's not that exact kit, but that image is for a pattern from Pattern Pile.

#6 - July: Refashion an Existing Item in Your Wardrobe

I have a piiiiile of clothes just waiting for this. And I have ideas for half of them!
Since it's refashioning, I can't really find pics to show my intention, but you can take my word for it they'll be cool when I get around to it.

#7 - August: Finish a WIP (Work in Progress)

I reeeeeally wanted this to be my quilt! I've been working on it off and on for over a year now, but in such small chunks it hasn't seemed worth posting about. But I don't feel it's anywhere near close enough to finish in August. So it's actually possible my WIPs will be those challenge #6 items! 'Cause like I said, I have a pile of clothes for just that purpose.
I also have a velvet blazer I started 5 years ago or so, before I really realized the different properties of velvet. And a long jacket I started probably around the same time which is sliiiightly more likely to get finished (since it's further along).

So we'll see!
Hopefully I'll start taking pictures again soon.
Costume College this weekend, so I've been cramming.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Partial Haitus... thing

Soooo, in-between taking pics, literally from one picture to the next, my camera's SD card died. At the Cheesecake Factory of all places! (in my defense, their decor really looked like the Eye of Sauron was watching us eat...)

I take pictures of eeeeeverything, I have such a terrible memory I feel like I have to! So this is kind of a big a deal (and an excellent reminder to me to back up any pictures once a week going forward).

Before I descend into despondency I need to exhaust all my options for recovery, and sadly I don't really have time for that at the moment.

So I'm not sure how the posting will go for awhile. You guys are missing out on some great beet pictures, boiled this time! And then pickled!
Also progress pictures of my house and my sewing projects and like 500 pics from Yosemite.

Friday, July 10, 2015

CoCo 2015 progress

So I'll post about the Sewalong later, hopefully. June completely got away from me, and I suspect July will as well. I DO want to do both those challenges. I'm really going to try to complete all the challenges, just maybe not in the month they were supposed to have been done in.

Part of the reason July is failing is whoops, Costume College is in three weeks!
I really waffled on what to make, I'm just not feeling the historical vibe right now. So I wanted something cool, but not too hard to make in a short amount of time, and something I'd been wanting to do. Augh, decisions.

Anyway, I finally settled on Jareth from Labyrinth, I've wanted to make all his outfits for yeeeears. My absolute favourite is the white outfit he wears at the end, but there definitely wasn't time enough for that. So I decided to do my 2nd favourite, the one I've always thought of as his Escher outfit, but I guess it's usually referred to as his "Within You" outfit since that's what he sings when he wears it.

This is the photo most available on the internet:
Many searches don't get much better!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sweater Weather (not really)

Oh whoops, didn't realize how long it'd been since I posted!

So there was a bit of a heat wave here in CA last week. It was super warm, as in even I was warm and that hardly ever happens. It was over 100 F but I can't remember by how much.
I decided that it was a great time to make a sweater!

A few weeks ago my sister and I went a liiiiittle crazy with the redtag table at Joann, getting loads of lovely stripey knits to create more Korean menswear inspired shirts.
I also picked up a really light weight loose weave black and white striped knit, just a little over a yard left on the bolt.

I've wanted a black and white stripey loose weave sweater since I saw it on Toshiya when this picture came out:

I don't even remember when that was now... I'm thinking 2004-2005. I can't even remember what this pic is promoing, I haven't followed dir en grey in years :/
(Side note, I'm also quite fond of Kyo's outfit, the one front & center)

I decided to do a cardigan instead of a sweater, 'cause I wanted something easier to put on and take off, since this is such a light fabric I was thinking it'd be used mostly for summer days. Plus I think the last time I had a cardigan I was 13, so it'd be a nice something to add to my wardrobe.